Use your VoipaLot account on the following devices

You can use VoipaLot with the following types of SIP devices:

You need a VoipaLot username and password in order to call via our network. So first sign up with VoipaLot.

You can use VoipaLot with the following types of SIP devces:

  • - SIP ATA (Analouge Telephone Adapter)
  • - SIP Router
  • - xDSL Modem

Software configuration

SIP port: 5060
Proxy server:
Outbound proxy server: leave empty
Account name: your VoipaLot username
Password: your VoipaLot password
Display name/number: your VoipaLot username or voipnumber
Stunserver (option):


G.711 (64 kbps)
G.726 (32 kbps)
G.729 (8 kbps)
G.723 (5.3 & 6.3 kbps)
GSMFR (13 kbps)

If you have audio problems:

Use a STUN server (e.g. with port 3478)
(if supported by your device)
Use the G.711 codec